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We’ve introduced new functionality into our Kumolus templates. With the ability to copy templates.

Following the key principles of Infrastructure as Code, Templates can now be copied either by running through our Wizard or via our API, allowing you to map the template to another AWS account / and or new VPC. This will automatically look after the configuration of Networks, Security Groups and other dependencies.

We’ve included a sample workflow below;

Create a template

Build - Create Template

Build : Select Copy Template

Build - Copy Template

Copy Template Wizard – Choose a Revision of the template and new Name

Copy Template - New Name

Copy Template Wizard – Allows you to choose a new AWS Account and/or new VPC

Copy Template - Account Selection

Copy Template Wizard – Choose a new VPC

Copy Template - VPC

Copy Template Wizard – Complete a subnet mapping

CopyTemplate - Subnet MappingCopy Template Wizard – Review Route Tables

Copy Template - Route Table

Copy Template Wizard – Review Compute

Copy Template - Services

Copy Template Wizard – Review Database services

Copy Template - Databases

Copy Template – Finished

Copy Template - Finished

Stay tuned for a number of additions to the new functionality over the next few weeks!


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